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Here, we present our turn-key laser system integrated in one box. Over the last few years, we have gained a lot of experience upgrading and testing different femtosecond lasers. See our showcases. Depending on your technical requirements, we can select a driver laser for you and integrate everything in one box. The box can have multiple outputs, including the original laser output, shortened output pulse duration (<7-50 fs), and even a second harmonic output. 

Please send us your request; we can quickly arrange a video call and review your application and requirements.​​

Ready-to-go laser system
  • Pulse duration: <100 fs; <50 fs and <10 fs

  • Power: up to 300 W

  • Energy: 10 μJ and up to 3 mJ

  • Repetition rate: up to 100 MHz

  • Wavelength: 1030 nm

  • Second harmonic output (515 nm): <50 fs

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