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Single Stage Unit MIKS1_S

  • Single-stage multipass spectral broadening and compression unit (MIKS1_S)

  • Compatible with any repetition rate and pulse-on-demand laser system

  • Stable 24/7 operation

  • Simple integration with existing laser systems

  • No active optical elements

  • No mechanically moving components

  • No maintenance required

  • Runs in harsh environments (e.g. dust or vibration)

  • Up to 15x shorter pulses (<45 fs)

  • From 1 μJ to 200 μJ input energy

  • Over 100 W average power  


  • Over 90% transmission

  • 24/7 operation

  • No maintenance

  • Small footprint: 36 x 25 cm²

  • Adjustable beam height: >90 mm

Ready-to-go pulse compression

Output spectrum

Spectral broadening, Spectrum, Self phase modulation.png

Beam position stability

Beam pointing stability.png

Average power stability

Average output power stability.png

All measurements shown in this datasheet were performed with PHAROS laser system (Light Conversion).

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