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Single Stage Unit MIKS1_M

  • Compatible with any repetition rate and pulse-on-demand laser system

  • Stable 24/7 operation

  • Simple integration with existing laser systems

  • No active optical elements

  • No mechanically moving components

  • No maintenance required

  • Runs in harsh environments (e.g. dust or vibration)

  • Up to 10x shorter pulses (<45 fs)

  • From 200 μJ to 500 μJ input energy

  • Over 100 W average power

  • Over 90% transmission

  • 24/7 operation

  • No maintenance

  • Small footprint: 60 x 27 cm²

  • Adjustable beam height: >90 mm

Ready-to-go pulse compression

Output spectrum


Far field beam profile


Output autocorrelation


Beam position stability

MIKS1_M_positional stability.png

Average power stability

MIKS1_M_power stability.png

All measurements shown in this datasheet were performed with PHAROS laser system (Light Conversion).

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